About Us

Neocom Solutions

Our Vision is to be the supply company of choice for the African market, while making it our mission to supply cost effective and innovative solutions to our clients.

What we do

Neocom Solutions main business focus is the supply of cost effective and quality products and solutions.

Neocom Solutions provides consolidated solutions and is a one-stop product supply house to our clients.

The NCS product portfolio encompasses material kitting, harnesses, energy, cooling and equipment shelter solutions.

Our Operations

  • Design of innovative and cost-effective products
  • Sourcing – Multiple vendor sourcing by NCS for best price options.
  • Kitting
    • Customer places single “kit” purchase order
    • Production – All items packed to bill of quantity. Quality Check – Dual check by production and quality department.
    • Completion – Kit packaged, packaging to suite transportation method. Labeling as per customer specification.



The core of our values are epitomised by Integrity and Honesty. We pledge to be a lawful corporate entity and we will ensure that practices against economic corruption are adhered to through the Neocom ranks.


Our customers are the lifeblood of our bsuiness. We will strive to perform at a level that our customers expect with respect to understanding their needs and expertly and adequately delivering those needs. Simply put our goals are to ensure that we make our customers lives easier.


Our suppliers are just as important as our customers. They are the partners to our business without whom we do not have a business. Our committment to our suppliers is that we will always treat them with respect and honesty and we will do all in our power to grow their businesses. We believe in playing “open cards”, after all the customer that we supply is also the customer of our supplier. Together we will always be stronger.


The word employee is rarely used at Neocom, we all are partners within the business. The main values that we want to promise to our employee partners are concerned with work-life balance, continuous opportunities to learn and grow, creating an organisational culture that is pleasant to work in and one where creativity and success is stimulated and appreciated. We prefer people wanting to work at Necom rather than having to work at Neocom.


Neocom is committed to working towards lowering the carbon footprint and stimulating the design and supply of “green” solutions to our customer base. We only have one planet, if we don’t take care of it who will? For this reason the onus is upon us to make sure we contribute meaningfully to preserving our beautiful planet. Our Earth matters, let’s work together to ensure her survival!